At noon on February 24, 2015, I placed an order with JC Penney for a 50% off item. The sale was to expire at 5:00pm that same day. At 3:30pm, I received an email from Mileage Plus shopping saying that I could earn 4x the number of points by placing a Penney's order by...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of customer service
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I purchased items at JCPenney with my United Mileage Account and it defaulted to my husband's account. I purchased the items to keep my miles (loyal customer of Continental ...and was hoping also to be of United) from EXPIRING. My separate (two different log outs/log...
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Mileage Plus shopping offered a 15% off code for shopping at Kohls by going through their link. The code is UNA15OFF and is supposed to be good until the end of the year. I sp...

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I like United redemption customer service line, they are willing to find you a seat for miles, but that`s about it that I like about United Mileage Plus program. This is due to they scamming partner Vesdia, Inc, aka MileagePlus Shopping. They do not transfer my miles...
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I have purchased many times through mileage shopping and never had an unpleasant experience.


I also have encountered the same problem. I think Catera customer service is horrible. They don\'t want to issue the miles. Perhap, I don\'t hold my breath, United will do ...

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